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Lambda Lion

A Boutique Creative Agency

Our essence is Creative Branding & Marketing to elevate your quality and impact of audience interaction, and enhance the visual aspects of your brand.

Wwe believe in building with businesses and organizations using long-term, sustainable growth strategies while cultivating positive experiences among our communities. From small to medium scale businesses, we are your one-stop-shop
for all brand needs.

Our ethos focuses on creating a holistic and comprehensive approach to building brands based on authenticity, intuitive design, strategic discovery, 
and philanthropy.

Taking an idea from vision to execution with a personalized approach is our primary drive.
Without action, an idea means nothing.

We know our niche and we stay in our lanes, and we do it damn good! Combining education, knowledge, and experience within the creative and communication fields we bring nearly 30 years to the table. 


Offering a vision-to-execution model approach. It’s of best interest to take the 360 holistic perspective for brand success.

Who We Work With

F&B, Wellness, Culture

Inundated with these sectors since early 2000’s. We entered the hospitality / experiential marketing / creative communications and we simply never left. 

While the primary industries that we cater to are the Food and Beverage, Wellness, 
and Culture industries, we do accept projects outside of those niches if our values align. Email us!

At our core, we are life-long creatives assisting other creative entrepreneurs to go beyond just “telling your story” – we’re building your confidence, skill set, and creating new heights for your business.

Brand Design

Stemming far beyond just a logo, we help build your foundation no matter the stage you’re at. From the ground up through discovery sessions, web design, to rehauling the whole shebang; your brand and its materials need a voice & style
behind it. 

Brand Visuals

Everything you need from commercial photography, branding videos through cinematography, to capturing your lifestyle & creative headshots. Never using stock, we encourage custom visuals across
the board.

Brand Positioning

This is where strategy for your brand success plays its vital role. This area aids in identifying your niche, message, competition, placement in the market and how to best influence your audience through PR and Strategy.

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About Us

We are boutique, meaning we have a small team of highly skilled, multidimensional professionals, and are boutique in client size. Founded by Ben and Sami, click to learn more about how we started lambda Lion.

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