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Practice Areas

Content Creation

Everything we do revolves around content creation & branding.
This significant element will help form your on&offline presence.


Capturing memories and documenting your process, it's all worth seeing!
From events, to behind the scenes footage, retail products, portraits,
lounge and restaurant, studio etc,
We've got you covered!

MKTG Materials

Crucial, cohesive, & tangible items to market your business.
Everything from Business cards to flyers, to brochures, tri-folds, package inserts etc
We cover both design & printing while taking care of the cost analysis so you don't have to.

Video Production

A picture may speak a thousand words, but a moving picture is worth a million people. Allow us to creatively direct!

Web Development

To us, a website is more branding than a logo, your logo doesn't define you.
A space on the web is an absolute must today
It's not just for E-commerce anymore.
We strive for a 30 day turnaround.

Sound & Audio

Any media production is not complete without polished, captivating audio.
With over 15 yrs of experience, we have the expertise to take your sonic presence
to another level.

About the Creative House

S sweet, we got your attention. Now let's create some dope content! Because that's what we do, we bring ideas to life for people like you.

On the surface of things, Lambda Lion is a High-level Multimedia Production House with a primary focus on content creation. At the core, Lambda Lion was created by a power couple - a dynamic duo - and two bomb creatives with a combined experience level of 30 years by the names of Benjamin Evans and Sami Sattva.

Situated in the beautiful Pacific Northwest - Portland, Oregon, we offer services to the interwebs we offer creative services to brands of all sizes. From small businesses & individuals, organizations, to corporations we have packages to accommodate everyone.



Creative Partners

benjamin evans

Co-Founder of Lambda Lion. Ben has been a practitioner of storytelling through sound and video for well over a decade.

He has a passion for sculpting projects into a captivating audience experience by delivering an impactful, cinematic message.

With an unrelenting attention to detail of the overall message, his artistic background of extensive technical training & experience plus passion for cinematography stems from early on in his career.

Writing, performing, producing to recording and mastering music for a multitude of talented artist's and groups has become much of a second nature to Ben.

Sami Sattva Lambda Lion

sami sattva

Sami is a Co-Founder of Lambda Lion, and founder of Mindful Hellos. She's a serial multimedia content creator with an unreserved approach to storytelling.

From 2003 with an extroverted background in communications backed by extensive training - her main mediums are Design, Development, Photography, Production (Dance & Stage), and Marketing.

Prior to Mindful Hellos, Sami founded a multimedia dance production group (Hip Hop + Burlesque style) based out of Scottsdale, Arizona who collaborated with musicians on a full stage experience for 10 years. Harnessing her strength to articulate through movement since Junior High, Sami still to this day claims music runs through her veins. 

On the flip-side of all this artistic expression, Sami is a practitioner of alternative (Ayurvedic) wellness who facilitates the art of balancing harmony for a yogic lifestyle. 

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