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About us and the origination

Two creatives from two different cities doing their own thing, meet in Portland to combine forces in what we call Lambda Lion today.

Lambda simply means "wavelength" in fields of physics and engineering.
Lion, to us, symbolizes strength, courage, and activity during the magical twilight hours.

We find this metaphorically fascinating. Traveling longitudinal waves are sounds that we can hear and light that we can see. Our entire universe is made up of wavelengths, but none so obvious and stimulating to humans as those that make up the audible and visible spectrum.

The Lambda in our moniker represents our skill in utilizing these principles to bring life to your creative projects. Since we are creatives here, that suspended state of “space in between” is a place of pure potential. It also represents the primal and powerful response that we strive to garner with the productions that we create.

Lambda Lion Group portland branding and marketing
Producing Content Since 2004

about us

Based in the Milwaukie Portland Area, Lambda Lion Group is dedicated to businesses with a growth mindset ready to make an impact with their brand.

We are a boutique branding agency. As a full-service firm we cover all aspects of Brand Design, Marketing/PR/Social Media, Photography & Video, Strategies, and Consulting.

Ben Evans

Media Engineer

I’m an artist, musician, producer, cinematographer and all-around media professional with over a dozen years of experience doing these things that I love. Originally from San Francisco, CA, I was born and raised around extremely talented artists of all varieties for as long as I have been alive.

After moving to Portland, OR in early 2013, I have once again surrounded myself with artists and creatives, living a life filled with music, theater, performing, media, craft and other types of art that truly make me happy.

Sami Sattva

Managing Partner Creative Director

I too am a life long artist, and was a performing artist for 10 years where I also did costume design while I operated a talent agency. I’m Originally from Scottsdale, lived in Denver, Las Vegas, and in/out of SoCal my entire childhood with competitive sports, I’m now residing in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

I’m passionate about Mind Body science, herbalism, exploration, philanthropy, wine, and art but especially creating tangible items with my hands. Let’s connect!

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