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Lambda Lion is a boutique agency specializing in Creative Branding and Marketing, based in Portland, Oregon. We may be small, but we’ve got the experience of providing hands-on development and follow a ‘Vision to Execution’ approach.

The founders behind LL have been in the Creative Business, and Marketing game for 12-14 years. We largely relate to the movers & shakers, the small businesses, the heart centered, and experience based businesses.

We offer an assortment of media, branding, and marketing services in efforts to assist brands with getting their story out there, visually and authentically. 

Whether you are a soloprenuer looking to launch a project off the ground, or the medium scale business seeking that next phase, we are hands on, communicative, and will guide you through the process sending you off with take home materials evergreen to your business. 


Do you or your brand fall into these categories?

Yoga • Wellness

From yoga studios, to nutrition projects or brands, to private practices & events.

From physical food and beverage products, to restaurants and venues, to catering businesses etc. 

From musicians, to artists, to designers, calligraphers, jewelry or apparel, media producers, etc.


The following packages can be customized to your needs, simply let us know what you need.
For individual services, find below the packages. As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 


For the solo entrepreneur or individual creative brand just starting out seeking comprehensive guidance with getting off your business off ground:


  • Discussions on best platforms for your brand
  • Social Media channels assessement
  • Discuss general business plan
  • 2 Strategic Branding Discussions
  • Email + Phone Communication
  • Basic Brand Guide

Price Per Month


3 month Retainer (minimum)

Discounted Add-On Options:
• Photography $200/mo
• Business Card Design $250
• Website $500

One month dues at time of booking

Small Business Package

For the brands already in business, but perhaps need strategic guidance, brand consulting, content creation, and management. This package is a perfect affordable all-inclusive bundle.

Includes everything in Solopreneur plus:


  • Social Media Management (2 channels)
  • Market & SWOT Analysis
  • 2 Strategic Brand Sessions
  • Marketing or Design Collateral (2)
  • Strategic Campaign Development
  • Website Analysis
  • Custom Branding Guide
  • Monthly Brand Photography

Price Per Month


3 Month Retainer (Minimum)

(payment plans available)

Discounted add-On Options:
• 2 Minute (max) Branding Video: $1,500
• 3 Pg Website: $750

Deluxe Business Package

For the thriving business or nonprofit seeking a polished presence plus a higher level of development through an all-inclusive on-going plan. This package includes branding design, marketing materials, strategies, and content development.

  • Marketing & PR Strategies
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Social Media Management (3 channels)
  • Campaign or Event Development
  • 2 Branding Videos (total, short or long form)
  • Marketing or Web Graphics
  • Ecommerce/Website Management
  • Multiple Brand Photography Sessions
  • Influencer or PR Program Building (if applicable)

Price Per Month


6 month Subscription (Minimum)

Payment Plans Available

1 month due at time of booking

Branding + Design Package

An intensive 8 week collaboration which will take your brand to its next level of design & message.
Includes all the above + a new website & marketing materials.

$4,500 - No subscription

8 week collaboration to design your brand, its marketing materials, and build your website.
• One Brand Photography Session, Multiple Branding Sessions, 3 Marketing materials, One website.

1:1 Brand Consultant

Think of this as a Business Advisor. The consultant is there for you to build structure, keep accountability on track, and sort out the goals. Whether you’re in the weeds looking for some help out, or simply need to an extra set of eyes to your approaches, this is a perfect entry point to determine your needs before committing to larger projects. 

Separate & solo from any and all packages.

  • SWOT Analysis
  • Pain Points & Audience Discovery on Best Business Practices
  • Online Presence discussions & practices
  • Structure Building
  • 2 in-person Strategy Meetups/month*
  • Email + Phone Communication

*meetups are limited to 1.5 hours max

Price per month


2 months retainer for best results

or $200 per session (1.5 hour)

Find What You Need Yet?

If you said yes, Great, click below to get open up a conversation with us!
If not, continue scrolling for additional services. Custom plans available, just ask.

All Services

Photography &


Lambda Lion utilizes an intimate sized team of highly skilled professionals of photographers and cinematographers, directors, and other production crew members to assist bringing projects seamlessly together. While we prefer most of our photo & cinema to take place outdoors or in urban settings, we can certainly accommodate a studio setting. 

  • Hourly rate: $200
    • Travel fees may apply
  • Monthly: $500
  • Styled Shoot Planning: $375 flat, each
    • Includes photography
  • Wedding: from $1,500
    • 8 hours, 8 weeks turnaround, engagement shoot. Travel fees may apply.
  • Branding Video: from $800-$1,800
    • Up to 8 hours. Travel fees may apply.
  • Music Video: From $1,800 – $3.5k
    • Date rate. Travel fees may apply
  • Event Coverage: from $500
  • Wedding: From $2,200 – $4k
    • 8 week turnaround 
  • : from $4k
    • Inquire within
  • a la carte shooting / editing: From ~$500
    • Inquire to discuss scope

Marketing &


Traditional meets Modern Digital, Organic, Authentic, Strategic, Guerrilla

Our marketing background stems far before digital/social media before all the craze; back when it was all traditional and experiential, face to face, and direct contact with your audience. As it evolved, so we did we – through education and first hand experience.
Today, we combine a healthy mixture of traditional and digital efforts for a stronger on and offline experience.

$600 per month, or $375 add-on rate

  • Consultant & strategies
  • Authentic, Traditional meets Modern
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Loyalty programs
  • Experiential community efforts
  • Content marketing

$750 per month

  • 90 day plan minimum
  • Community Development
  • Influencer or B2B database
  • Playbook & Communications

$500-$1k per month

  • 3-5 Channel Management
  • Authentic, Traditional meets Modern
  • Creative Social Strategies
  • Campaign development,
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Personalized brand photography

18% of total cost

  • Pre-production Strategy
  • Concept Design
  • Planning and Development
  • Vision to Execution
  • On-site coordination

Available in per month or hourly. From $500/mo, or $250 per session. Includes:

  • Creative sessions
  • Strategy sessions
  • Brand analysis

from $300 each. 

Includes photography (no stock images) and up to ~1k words

From $200/week + product (if applicable)


  • Campaign photography
  • Setup
  • Communication/Management
  • Promotion
  • Analytics

Branding &


Elegant, Modern, and Responsive

Similarly to our Marketing background, graphic design and web design for us started around the same year of 2004, again before it was advanced as it is today. We have education in both arenas and have helped many small businesses get off the ground, or re-brand along with the creation of marketing materials for promotional use. From small scale of businesses cards, to large scale print media we have you covered. Turnaround time for graphics is 1 week, website design 30 – 60 days.

  • Revamp or Renew (not rebrand): $500
    • For existing websites only. Refreshed customization, full website analysis, identify bugs.
  • Startup Website: $1,200
    • All the above + 3 pages, blog setup, pertinent copy, seo, consulting, includes 1 brand photography session
  • Small Business Website: $2,000
    • All the above plus 3 website graphics, custom copy development, minimal logo typeface
  • Rebrand: $3,000
    • All the above plus Up to 5 pages, analytics review, detailed strategies, design assistance, domain & hosting assistance, up to 5 new graphics, full logo design
  • Marketing materials: $100 each page, or $300/4pk
    • Choose from high-level assets for print media, brochures, sell sheets, billboard, media kits, business cards, etc
  • Social & Web: $200/4pk
    • Choose from digital banners, social media static feed, IG story design, advertisements

Non-animated, up to 3 revisions: $250


  • Strategy
  • Custom Font
  • Original design 


These are the most frequent questions we get, although if you don’t see something you need an answer to, please feel free to reach out! We’ll be in touch within 48 hours max.

Absolutely! We have several packages and services that cater to your kind of awesomeness who want to make an impact in your space. 

You bet! Once the deposit is made to secure your project, a payment plan will go into effect and split up across the duration of your project. All payments must be made by the time of project completion. This will all be discussed in the planning phase before an agreement is signed.

Yes. We require a 25% of total spend cost due at the time of booking, and an agreement with all terms and conditions presented at the time of booking. 

We use a customer management system that tracks all this for you, and even gives you an online portal to access where you can view upcoming payments, the dates, any upcoming tasks we set, your signed documents, etc. We’ll send out upcoming invoice reminders automatically as well. 

Yes, absolutely. Send us an email with your desired services, your overall scope of project, deadlines, ideas you have in mind (so we can understand the time needed) etc, and we’ll put one together for you within 72 hours.

That’s quite alright, its evident you are drawn to our work for some reason and we can work with that! Let’s talk to see if our values align and your project is best with us.

Just kidding! I/we haven’t had anyone ask me this actually, our work speaks for itself and we’re pretty up front people who make it clear about what is entailed on the tasks they don’t “see”. 

On occasion, yes. That is the short answer. There will be an analysis of what you are offering vs what you need and we will go from there. We’re kind busy over here though, so it’s rare and it truly depends on the value. Don’t be afraid to ask us though, you never know!

Short answer, no. We put a lot of thought into what we charge and it’s a thorough analytical process of our experience, the time it takes, and the caliber we hold ourselves at. We don’t just “take projects” for the money, we care about what you do and what we can do to help you and for that reason alone we are willing to be be flexible as can be, but that kind of mentality is not one we reckon with. 

Photos can take 4 weeks to 8 weeks depending on what type of session it was. Video is minimum 8 weeks, but again depending on what kind of filming it was. We will always discuss this in the beginning phases to ensure your deadline is doable on our end, and – this will always be listed in our contract to reference back to. 

If you are in Portland, and we are working in Portland or any of the metro areas – there are no travel fees applied. If you are in Portland but taking us out of town for any reason, the travel time is included in the hourly price (or calculated into the project). Sorry, but time is money and we just can’t justify time away on the road. 
For anything out of state, travel costs will be incorporated into the project cost. As always, please message us for a deeper discussion.


About Lambda Lion

LL is a boutique creative agency specializing in Creative Branding & Marketing. Under those umbrellas are an assortment of services as your one-stop-shop for all branding, design, and marketing needs. Local or Remote, we’re hands-on and collaborative.