Hospitality Consulting

Let's strategize.

Are you a new business? Or how about one that has reached a plateau and unable to see your next actionable steps. This is for you. The hyper-focused strategy consulting service by Lambda Lion is useful to any business no matter your industry, but right now, let’s talk specifically about those in the hospitality field. 

Discovery Sessions

Let’s cut the digital back and forth, and meet face to face to discover not only your pain-points, but your market position.

Strategic Meetings

Strategic meetings are similar to reviews, so consider your brand under a microscope to define your ultimate goals and its associated direction.

Actions Items

As part of a result from strategizing, you’ll begin to see action items you can cross off to create forward momentum.

How it Works

There are two approaches to this method. The most popular is two months but it truly depends on 
your capabilities in-house and how much man-power your business has as a team effort. If you have minimal people internally who can assist in this area, go with option two.
Option one is great for those who have many hands-on deck.

One Time Fee - $500

A singular strategic meeting alone are $250 per session outside of a package. Add a second month and receive a discount.

First Option: One Month

The first, build your foundation and see enough actionable items to feel confident in one month. This is focused on ideation and strategy. Email communication is welcome here as well. 

  • Brand Analysis with online + offline platform presence
  • Discovering your pain-points
  • Helping you to dissect & document your goals
  • Guidelines & questionnaires to position your mindset
  • Visual aids & preparation materials for team sessions
  • Two in-person meetings - workshop style

Second Option: Two Months

This options is perfect for those who either A) need to continue working on the first months action items with assistance due to lack of time, or B) have interest in Lambda creating a more detailed plan with you. This is where your structured plan really takes off in a pipeline.

  • Everything in previous month
  • Continued facilitation of previous months deliverables
  • Continued ideation and strategy focused meetings
  • Overseeing the implementation of previous months defined goals
  • Strategic partnership development (media or influencers)
  • Developing the customer Intimacy, product innovation, and operational efficiency

Discounted 2nd Month: $400

We like to discount add-ons around here. When you add-on at booking, the cost is $400. Discount does not apply when extending a contract. $500 regular.

It's like having your own personal analyst

Want to talk it through? Let's grab a beverage. send us a message.