Oregon Wine Wednesdays

lambda lion & wine crush podcast

Wine Wednesdays

A public relations initiative helping to
deliver the experiences behind
the wine culture of Oregon’s Willamette Valley.



Bringing our love and admiration of the Oregon Wine Country to the community forefront to share the stories and experiences straight from the Winery itself. 
Each vineyard, winery and winemaker has a unique story to tell, we want to help share that with the world. – Heidi, Wine Crush Podcast”

Launching March 27th, 2019 we will bi-weekly make our way into the Willamette Valley to show you the unique tasting room experience, featured wines, a mini tour of the tasting room and maybe even the vineyard!

TAsting room


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I’m not sure what I’m going to put here yet lol



I’m not sure what I’m going to put here yet lol


Wine Crush Podcast!

A female directed podcast who doubles as an Insurance professional exploring all things in Oregon & Idaho wine. Broadcasted on Portland Radio Project

I want to put something about you here! What would you want to say? Have we decided yet if we want the podcast itself involved? 

lambda lion + wine crush podcast

Gain exposure

With this invitation, you will not only have the opportunity to show us what it feels like to be VIP in your domain, but you’ll also gain influencer style promotion for your winery experience to show off all the unparalleled elements that makes you different while embracing the opportunity to share your precious baby!

  • Real time social media updates from 3 accounts.
  • Commercial style photography by Lambda Lion, of the table setup, tasting room, vineyard, behind closed tours, all from 3 accounts. 
  • A blog piece written about you post-experience sharing our perspective.

join us in a glass of wine with friends

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