Whether you're a person, a product, a venue, or an experience - we've got you covered. We thrive best where we can utilize the environments around us rather than restricting ourselves to a studio setting, however, we can certainly accomplish that when needed.

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Photography is art, it’s also a form of visual communication. Communication for your brand is an essential piece of connecting with your audience. From product shots to capturing your on-site experiences, photography enhances the memorable moments a customer will likely never forget. 

A photographers individual style is unmatched, we are all unique in our own ways and your brand depends on you to choose your photographer wisely. 

We understand that process can be daunting! We encourage you to think about what it is what you want to get out of it. Is it the use of play with light, the compositions, the style and tone portrayed in editing, etc. These elements are key to conveying your brand message. 

Lambda Lion comes from an extensive background of arts of more than half of our lives. Through both education and experience we’re efficient and honest with the proper tools you need for us to get the job done. 

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We have Photography options that will suit any level of need. From session photography to on-going monthly brand content deliverables.

monthly all inclusive

Most Popular

A “worry-free” package that allows for multiple photo sessions & opportunities per month. Commercial, Fashion, Lifestyle, Product, Headshots, Food, Environmental. 2 month minimum


  • Multiple brand visits
  • Two event coverages
  • Product styling, wardrobe/hair/makeup assistance, influencer coordination
  • Opportunities for your product in real lifestyle settings
  • High Quality digital download galleries with 100's of photos
  • Culture + Team Shots

group photography

Also known as session photography, for the purpose of a singular branded shoot. Cost fluctuates based on scope, locations, number of people, etc. Request a custom quote! (group sessions receives $50 discount over hourly photography rate)

fundamental - minimal - $350

  • Minimal elements & coordination involved
  • Lifestyle person, product, or brand
  • 2 hours max • up to 2 people
  • Product Styling and/or Wardrobe assistance
  • ($400 weekends)

extended - staged environment: $450+

  • Product photography environment
  • Lifestyle with human elements
  • Multiple environment changes within 1 set location
  • Vendor coordination, product styling, and/or wardrobe assistance
  • 3 hours max • Up to 5 people
  • ($500 weekends)

large scale - staged Environment: $750+

  • At your office or secured location
  • 1-2 nearby locations max
  • Travel costs not included
  • 5 hours max • up to 10 people
  • Vendor coordination, wardrobe assistance
  • (more time or more people please inquire within)
  • ($800 weekends)

*Drone photography +$500, inquire about multiple day shoots or more than 5 hour shoots. Travel costs occur when outside of Portland metro area. Makeup artist, and hair stylists available. 

session / hourly / event

Individual Hourly

  • A singular photo session for Brands or Individuals
  • Hands-off coordination
  • Local and on-location, environmental, etc of your choice
  • Desired shot list
  • High quality gallery to download

Hourly Event Coverage

  • Intimate or Large scale events
  • Capturing the moments, candid and lifestyle aesthetic
  • Desired shot list
  • Multiple locations (commute time is on the clock)
  • 8 hours max (look at Group package instead)


  • Quick 20 minute shoot
  • 10 high quality images
  • available to 3 or less people
  • Hands-off, minimal coordination beyond basic communication.

All photography shoots agree to use “as-is” photos, meaning zero post-production manipulation, filters, or cropping of watermarks, unless agree to pay for extended use license. Photos are 2-week turnaround unless otherwise agreed upon. 


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