Just for a moment, I’ll tell you all the things you need to know about me. I like to consider myself a chameleon. I have this complex, but really unique, hybrid DNA of an artist / athlete. I guess one could identify it as a duality, but its one that’s actually healthy. From a young age until mid-teens I was a serious competitive athlete who traveled all over the southwest for championships. Hey – I still to this day credit that as a crucial element of who I am today. It taught me how to be a leader, a team player, collaborative, and the need for team execution no matter how mad I may have been at a teammate or coach.
Around 6th grade I discovered dance, and choreography. Who the heck embarks on seeks out choreography at 11 years old? Apparently age was no factor for me. I carried that passion as I grew older but until I was finished with Sports, dance was a sideburner kind of hobby.

My parents got a divorce at a time I was a teenager in need of desperate support, but looking back – it didn’t hold me back. It was a dark time in my life, I made irrational decisions and did some utterly regretful shit. For whatever reason, I was encouraged to “work” at an early age, and by the time I was 18/19 I was already reeling in G’s in the music & entertainment world. I ended up moving to Las Vegas when I was 21 and it literally changed my life. I listened to my intuition and took a leap of faith by moving there with ridiculously little resources. I ended up scoring high profile connections and got a few jobs where people were on waiting lists to get into. This is where my love and passion for dance and production were expressed, utilized, and radiated.

Fast forward, I took my knowledge and business skills back home where I built a multimedia dance group inspired by the classic art of burlesque with energy of hip hop dance, it truly bent the local dance scene and broke all barriers of what dancers should look like. We combined fashion, dance, theatre, and class. Man I miss that group! It was huge, that was my hometown – I had a lot of support. It grew and gained traction in other cities, we’d often travel around to perform and promote other local music scenes.

As the founder with a kick-ass supportive, creative group, I was able to expand the groups’ toolbox by involving us in an array of music videos, photoshoots, small to large scale events & concerts, and as models for fashion shows. THIS is where my passion lies. The music, the entertainment, the visual storytelling and I could not be more thankful for all that I’ve been able to experience in my years of business.

The chameleon part of me is being able to flip the coin for a balanced, harmonic lifestyle. Aside from my other education in the arts and marketing, I studied alternative medicine as a whole for 5 years. Holistic nutrition, mindfulness, yoga & ayurveda, and thought for a hot minute that I wanted to become a doctor. But music and art keep the lead and I’ve accepted that my health and interest in natural medicine are what make up the inner layers of who I am.

I am 32 and still rocking, in a new city! It has its challenges, I don’t have the support I’m accustomed to and I definitely don’t have the clientele, but hey – it’s a journey worth walking. ♥

Thank you for reading this far! You rock. xo