Lambda Lion has visionaries behind the camera who have spent over a decade in the business. Let a professional bring your vision to life.

Video is a powerful yet highly underutilized medium to showcase your brand with. We know video, well, there is no learning curve and our team is efficient while maintaining its cinematic elegance.  We choose to be hands-on involved with the process of creation, as it allows for optimal creative direction.


We’ll be there every step of the way from assisting with extraction of vision, to taking care of the logistics, and planning any post-production marketing strategies and distribution. Below is just a piece of illustration of what we can produce. Reach out, and let us help you extract your vision with a picture that speaks more volume than a photo will ever. 

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We cover various types of video projects, both small and large. From short form video for digital media content, event coverage with a 1 minute highlight video edited and produced, to full branding videos to tell your story from a visual perspective, with drones, storyboards, scripts and all. We’ve got you covered.

Costs range from $500-5,000+. Send us your most pertinent information for a free quote.